Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interview: Kristin Reiter

With previous stints at Target, C&C California, and RVCA, Kristin Reiter has now found herself as the Global Design Director for Action Sports for Nike. You may have heard of her from a site she has co-authored since 2008 titled BLEACHBLACK.COM.Read our full interview below.

LGD: I've been a long time reader of Bleach Black and it's a blog I read
on a regular basis. How did it come about and what sparked your interest in creating DIY projects?
KR: Thanks! Valerie and I are both designers for a living, so we're constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas. We always talk about new brands and products so we thought it would be interesting in this sort of format thus Bleachblack being born.

LGD: You also work for Nike as a Global Design Director for Action
Sports. Do you play any sports? What is a typical day like for you?
KR: Yes. I'm actually super competitive. I skate, surf a little, play soccer on the weekends and run quite a bit. My Typical day is emails, meetings, some fittings depending on the day, color reviews etc. It's actually more high level view of whats going on with the collection as my designers are doing the detailed design work.

LGD: I'm not exactly sure of the ratio of men to women at Nike, but from the outside it seems male dominated. Have you ever felt inferior being a woman at the company? If so, what did you do?
KR: It's actually quite a normal mix of genders. I've never felt inferior to any male - ever. It's not something I let other people make me feel.

LGD: Is your current career/lifestyle something you envisioned yourself doing at a young age?
KR: My life and career are both is exactly how I designed them. I'm one of those people that will alter course quickly if I'm unhappy. I just don't have time to be dealing with bullshit, so I try and weed out the negative.

LGD: Portland or LA?
KR: I like them both for different things. Love LA weather and driving. Love Portland because it's "medicine" as my friend has once said.

LGD: What do you do in your spare time (if any)?
KR: Mostly work. I love what I do.

LGD: Any new projects coming up that we should look out for?
KR: Yes. Working on my new site launch Kristinreiter.comIt's not done yet, but you can see it in works. It's my personal space.

Thank you for the interview Kristin! For more information, follow her on Twitter and visit her site

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  1. Big Fan! She is serious inspiration. #justdoit